Wedding Weekend

     Our wedding and reception will be at John's aunt&uncles beautiful home - Wendy&Patrick and their sons Chris and Johnny. It is such a beautiful home and we will be having our ceremony and reception in their garden. We want everyone to be as comfortable as possible and understand that there will be elements that we won't be able to control like weather. We are really looking forward to having our families - from near and far - join us for this beautiful day....rain or shine!  We will be enjoying a picnic lunch and lots of fun&love. The ceremony and reception will be on gals, please be mindful of what kind of shoes you wear.  


  • Wedding Attire

The ceremony and reception will be held outdoors in the garden. Casual Attire - high heeled shoes are not recommended.

  • Our Weather Prediction

      Should be pleasant outside but will keep this area open. Will be praying for blue, clear skies on our wedding day...


Wedding Ceremony & Reception Location

1605 Lucas Valley Road, San Rafael, CA 94903

The Ceremony will begin at noon